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I came to the original meeting on the Square in Newark because I was really worried about the country, wanted to do something, and felt that we may not have a country if we don't resolve the mess we are in quickly.  Being 63, the orignal issue that got my dander up was social security and medicare.  We have paid for these things throughout our working lives and are still paying for social security if we work at all after we get it.  We pay for medicare once we are on it and again we pay for it if we work  after we are on social security and medicare in our paychecks.  I resent some acting like it is welfare because the government has borrowed from it and does not want to pay the fund back.  I feel this is just as criminal as what Bernie Madoff did if not more so.  There are many other issues of course that need attention.  We in our group feel that if we are successful in resolving the main issue which is "Get the money out of politics and bring Democracy back,"  many of the other  issues that need attention will be resolved so we are focusing on that.

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Reply sally g
4:03 PM on August 25, 2016 
Costs to city of Newark for Democracy Day:
? Advertisement requirement satisfied by announcing event on website a month in advance and emailing announcement to area media at the same time. This is free.
? Held as an extra city council meeting once a year, same time frame, council chambers. Cost is turning on the lights one more day per year.
? Mayor required to mail letters to Newark's state and federal representatives of which there are 5. Cost is 5 stamps, 5 envelopes, and 5 sheets of paper.
? We have ascertained there has been no security seen at Democracy Days attended by the Move to Amend state rep. He has been to all except Defiance. If it is determined security is needed, it would be the same as a council meeting, which is one policeman. The City of Newark has historically provided security to council and committees meetings in two ways, either a reserve officer or an on-duty patrol officer; neither require additional monies. If the need should arise, the city reserves the right to utilize special duty (extra-pay officers) at an approximate cost of $100 per officer depending on the length of the meeting. We anticipate the length of the Democracy Day Meeting to be about the same as the average council meeting, 2-4 hours tops, but probably closer to 2 -2.5 hours.
We endorse Move to Amend. Paid for by Democracy Day-Newark.
Reply sally g
11:16 AM on February 4, 2012 
I would like to post a comment in regard to the statement on the flag. We are not saying that "flag burning" is not an example of free speech under the first amendment. What we are saying is that we choose not to use it to further our cause which is our right under the first amendment. One fairly recent good example of this is the group that pickets soldiers' funerals. I believe the group does this as opposition to the military's stance on homosexuality. Most Americans abhor this and would never consider doing this themselves or belonging to a group that does this. However, most American's realize it is this group's right to do this. I believe the group was planning to picket some of the funerals associated with the Gifford incident in Arizona. If I'm not mistaken, a radio station in the area offered to give them a forum if they agreed not to do this. Again citizens have the right to do very extreme things to get their point across provided it is within law. The rest of us have the right to condemn these extreme acts under the first amendment as well under our right to free speech.