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We ARE all Working Class

Posted by Linda Lovell on August 2, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Forget lower class and middle class -- we're all working class

Aug. 2, 2012 | Comments






Gov. Jerry Brown, of California, once said Americans are the most divided they ever have been since the American Civil War. I agree. We live in an interesting and depraved time in which our social, economic and political divides are immense and growing even farther apart.


But why?


Our major national news sources give us not much other than hate-filled, slanted opinion pieces. Our lawmakers are largely lawless and ignore the people they represent almost entirely. We're constantly exposed to political campaign ads that blatantly and intentionally misconstrue. We're living in -- if you believe our prison system -- the most dangerous country in the world. We're told that our fellow working-class citizens are our enemies.


Wait, what?


We're constantly being told that the "lower class" is bad for us. They're raising the prices of our hospital visits. They're running bankrupt our social systems. They're committing incredible levels of violence. They're cooking methamphetamine right in our own backyards. Truly, it's scary, but who are they?


They're me. They're you.


The terms "lower class" and "middle class" are preposterous. These terms successfully have set us working-class citizens apart and against each other. We need to come together as the working class that we are and make positive changes -- changes we're not going to make if we're told that half of us are the bogeyman.


Our neighbors are still our neighbors and must be treated equally, so please don't use the term "lower class"; rather, consider those people are the same as you in every way except a number in their bank account.


Brian Stout




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